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Chris Edson

Hello. I am Chris.

I'm the CEO & co-founder of Second Nature - we're helping the world build healthy habits and are one of the UK's fastest growing companies. We used to be called OurPath, but we changed our name in early 2020 - more on that here.

Lover of dogs, music maker, husband of Crystal Eisinger, and company building addict.

For my work at Second Nature, I was Forbes 30 under 30 in Healthcare in 2018.

I was part of the founding teams of Trussle and Giglist.

You can hear my story of Second Nature (OurPath) here and read what it's really like to work at Second Nature here.


Talking about music is silly, so why not just have a listen. I compose and produce electronic music and film scores.

I produced the music for Headless Ghost, a display emulator that was on on Kickstarter here.

Most of my music can be found on Soundcloud here.


Email me at [email protected]. As long as you're not a robot. If you find the Easter egg in the page, you have double the reason to email me.

More information is on my LinkedIn.